Corey L. Norton

Vice President, Supply Chain Legality, Markets Institute


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Corey is an attorney helping eliminate environmentally harmful types of illegality by drawing on decades of guiding private sector compliance with global supply chain laws. Focusing on laws targeting commodities and environmental harm, such as resource usage limitations, and illegality accelerating that harm and related atrocities such as forced labor, he engages supply chains to increase understanding of legal requirements, and builds strategies and tools for compliance efforts to succeed and avoid reputational damage. This includes developing new resources to enhance company efforts, increasing the efficiency and scale of precompetitive platforms, and promoting effective government regulation and enforcement. Corey also works with companies, foundations, and NGOs to develop tools that help prevent, detect and respond to environmental legal concerns in commodity supply chains.

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Vice President, Supply Chain Legality


  • JD, Boston College Law School
  • BA, Bates College

Areas of Expertise

Supply chain legal requirements affecting the environment and building strategies and tools that develop capacity for companies to comply.

  • U.S. and other national laws
  • Global business practices
  • Supply chains
  • Investigations and building compliance capacity
  • Social and environmental NGO expertise and collaborations