Martha Kauffman

Vice President, Northern Great Plains

Martha Kauffman
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As vice president for World Wildlife Fund's (WWF) Northern Great Plains ecoregion, Martha Kauffman oversees WWF-US’s largest domestic field program, which covers 5 US states and 2 Canadian provinces and seeks to conserve one of the last temperate grasslands on the planet. In this role she oversees the program’s strategic vision and supports an outstanding team that partners with Native Nations and ranching communities, develops leading science, drives for needed policy changes, and influences through strategic communications. She’s a leading member of a continent-wide grassland conservation initiative coalescing around a common vision, strategic priorities, and measurable outcomes. Martha is also a tireless champion for global grassland conservation, helping to establish and support WWF’s Global Grasslands and Savannahs Initiative. She also serves on the boards of the Northern Great Plains Joint Venture and Working Dogs for Conservation. Martha received a B.S. in applied earth sciences from Stanford University and a master’s degree in earth sciences from Montana State University.

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Media inquiries: News And Press Page


Vice President


  • MS – Earth Sciences, Montana State University
  • BS – Applied Earth Science, Stanford University

Areas of Expertise

  • Prairie stream ecology
  • Stream restoration and monitoring
  • Groundwater surface water interactions
  • Natural science education