Rajan Kundra

Vice President, Impact Investing

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Rajan Kundra has spent over 20 years in finance, international development, and new approaches to use financial markets to achieve environmental and social impact.

Raj leads WWF Impact, a newly formed impact investing venture that brings financing to early-stage entrepreneurs and growth companies innovating with business models that address pressing environmental and social issues. He has also led initiatives looking to address the environmental impacts of agriculture and seafood commodity production across the entire value chain, and the benefits of shifting to more sustainable and deforestation free production practices. WWF’s work with financial institutions has included supporting sustainable finance platforms, helping develop new financial mechanisms to support sustainable practices, and partnering to improve ESG standards for the financial marketplace.

Raj’s social and environmental work began when he joined the Acumen Fund in 2007. Acumen is a leading impact investing organization deploying venture capital for social impact outcomes in developing markets. Raj had several notable accomplishments at Acumen including launching the environmental investing strategy, launching Acumen Capital Markets, Acumen’s first invested capital (LP) fund and serving as Deputy Chief Investment Officer.

Raj’s work in mainstream financial markets has been focused on capital markets, financing strategies, and risk management solutions. These efforts included 16 years at J.P. Morgan, Lehman Brothers and Pacific Global Advisors. These experiences allowed Raj to develop an extensive background in public and private investing markets, developing & structuring new products, and new fund design & marketing. 

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  • BS, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania