Sara Thomas

Director, Activism and Outreach

Sara Thomas
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Sara Thomas leads the Activism and Outreach program for World Wildlife Fund. In her role, she develops and implements engagement strategies across platforms to motivate supporters across the US to get involved in WWF's conservation goals. Under Sara’s leadership, WWF launched a responsive Action Center focused on deepening relationships with supporters to drive conservation change for a global impact. 

During her time at WWF, she and her team have grown the number of activists supporting WWF from 500,000 to more than 10 million, increased revenue generated directly from activists, and helped to earn multiple advocacy wins including banning illegal elephant ivory trade in the US, stopping dumping in the Great Barrier Reef, common-sense protections for land, water and wildlife in the Northern Great Plains, motivating the President to crack down on wildlife trafficking in the US and many more. 

Most previous to her time at WWF, Sara led member engagement and digital advocacy at Ocean Conservancy. Sara graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in Visual Communication and Marine Policy, and a focus on social activism.

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Sara Thomas Sees Unlimited Potential in WWF’s Activists

Forty years ago, "activism" meant marches and protests, hunger strikes and sit-ins. Today, activism can be all of those things and much more.

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BS, Visual Communication and Marine Policy