Amanda Paulson

Bobolink Foundation

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AMANDA PAULSON joined the Bobolink Foundation staff in 2020, and has been focusing on work in the Amazon and grasslands conservation, among other projects. Before that, she spent 20 years as a staff writer for the Christian Science Monitor, including six years as their Midwest Bureau Chief. In that time she reported on a wide range of issues: education, immigration, disasters, politics and elections, and the environment. For the last four years, she was the Monitor’s chief environmental writer, covering climate change, environmental policy, biodiversity, and science. She also serves on the boards of Rare and the Colorado chapter of The Nature Conservancy. Paulson graduated from Dartmouth College with a degree in comparative literature and environmental studies, and lives in Boulder, Colorado, with her husband and two children. She spends as much time as possible outside, hiking, skiing, biking, and camping, and also loves travel, photography, and reading.