Gallery: Ghost Net Collective's Incoming Tide

Stingray sculpture

BOYCAR | Jimmy John Thaiday

The Australia-based Ghost Net Collective is united around a shared mission: to illustrate the deadly threat of discarded or abandoned fishing nets, ropes, and lines that entangle countless marine species each year—phenomena called “ghost gear.” Together, the group of Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists shapes brightly colored sculptures of diverse sea creatures by weaving threads and fibers made from foraged ghost nets around metal frames.

Its recent Incoming Tide exhibition, featuring the work of 10 artists, showcased sculptures of sharks, crocodiles, rays, and other sea animals, all swimming in one direction—an artistic outcry against ocean pollution.

Shark sculpture

KENNY | Jimmy K. Thaiday

ORNATE EAGLE RAY | Marion Gaemers

AMI | Florence Gutchen

CURTAIN FRAGMENT 1 | Lynnette Griffiths, Marion Gaemers

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