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Save money with solar panels

Recycle, plant trees, compost … these are all great ways to go green. But did you know that putting solar panels on your roof might do more for the environment than all those things combined? In fact, the EPA estimates that if a million US homes went solar, the benefit to the country’s carbon footprint would be the same as taking 850,000 cars off the road.

But the benefits of going solar don’t end there. It’s also cheaper, easier and smarter to install solar now than ever before. The cost of solar panels has dropped 80% since 2008, and many states are offering subsidies on top of that, making the switch much more affordable than most people expect. Some states even have leasing options where homeowners can go solar with zero up-front costs. And once you install, you start saving money immediately—on average, homeowners with solar can save as much as $600 a year on their electricity bills.

Save money and the planet … it’s a win-win; and it’s why every four minutes, another American family is installing solar panels on their home. Yours could be next!

How much could you save with solar? Find out now.

Solar panels on a home

Cost of solar panels ↓ 80 %

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