Editor's Note: The Speed of Change

Our rapidly moving world and when it’s ok to slow down

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As I write this, I’ve just watched another year blink past, and I continue to be staggered by how fast our world moves. A little more than a year ago, our Stop Wildlife Crime campaign had just launched; today we’ve reached significant milestones that include a commitment to ban the Thai ivory trade, the destruction of six tons of illegal ivory in the US, and serious momentum toward a national strategy to combat wildlife crime. A year ago, this magazine didn’t exist.

Sometimes this blistering pace keeps us from connecting to the world around us. But, as evidenced in this issue, the ability to move at high speed can help us effect positive change in a big way. That pace is evident in our race to protect tigers in Nepal and India, in the fast-changing landscapes of Myanmar and the Mesoamerican Reef, and in the speed with which you can make a difference by joining our “Renewable. It’s Doable.” climate campaign.

I’m also amazed by how quickly you responded to the launch of this magazine. Via letters to the editor (keep them coming!), emails, Facebook posts and retweets, we heard loud and clear—and instantly—that you were ready for World Wildlife.

So please take a deep breath with us and explore. Learn. Now is a perfect time to slow down and enjoy.

Thank you,

Alex MacLennan

[email protected]

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