Contributors: Spring 2016

Gareth and Patrick Bentley

The beauty of central southern Africa’s people and landscapes may have been familiar to Zambian photographers—and brothers—Gareth (left) and Patrick Bentley (right), but nothing about the expedition (“A promising future for Africa's wildlife”)  was mundane. “Being primarily a people photographer, I was excited to meet so many heroes of African conservation,” says Gareth. Patrick was similarly impressed: “The huge herds of zebra (nearly a thousand!) we found in the Salambala Conservancy floodplains—owned and managed by the local community—were a sight to behold. This is the only way that wildlife conservation can work in Africa and it was inspiring to witness it firsthand.” Gareth’s images have appeared in the Financial Times and the Telegraph, and have been used by USAID. Patrick, a veteran guide, currently leads photographic safaris in Zambia’s Luangwa Valley.

headshot of Barry Falls

Barry Falls

“My work has always had a bias towards the natural world, and this piece allowed me to draw some of the world’s most beautiful and exotic species,” notes illustrator Barry Falls (“Bridging the gap” ). Based in Belfast, Ireland, Falls’ textured work has been featured by the New York Times, the Guardian, and UNICEF.

headshot of Julia Symmes Cobb

Julia Symmes Cobb

Writer Julia Symmes Cobb ("What’s a River Worth?") says “Any assignment where swimming with dolphins and learning how to hold squirming baby turtles counts as work is pretty excellent in my book.” Based in Bogotá, Colombia, Cobb has been published in the Washington Post and Reuters.

headshot of Richard Bornemann

Richard Bornemann

Trained as an architect, artist Richard Bornemann ("Capturing atmospheric data in the Amazon") enjoys the research that goes into each project. “Learning about the technology that I’m depicting—especially technology used in remote corners of the globe—is fascinating,” he says. Bornemann’s illustrations have appeared in Wired.

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