Gallery: Josh Gluckstein’s Sculptures

Cardboard and paper sculpture of orangutan head


As a child, artist Josh Gluckstein loved wandering through the wildlife exhibits at the London Natural History Museum. Over time, he encountered many of his favorite animals in real life while traveling abroad—from scuba diving with sea turtles and sharks in Malaysia to walking alongside elephants in Sri Lanka. Those experiences now inspire his life-size animal sculptures, which he crafts from recycled cardboard and other found materials. With his artworks, Gluckstein says, he seeks to capture the presence and energy of majestic species from across the animal kingdom—from pangolins to primates—and contribute to their conservation.

Cardboard and paper sculpture of baby orangutan head© Josh Gluckstein


Cardboard and paper sculpture of lion head© Josh Gluckstein


Cardboard and paper sculpture of elephant head© Josh Gluckstein



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