Gallery: Artwork by Josie Iselin

“Seaweeds provide this wonderful space where art and science can flourish together, bringing unsuspecting audiences into an ocean world so different from their own,” says self-described algal storyteller and ocean advocate Josie Iselin. Using a flatbed scanner (which pushes light through the specimen) as a camera, and working with historical taxonomic imagery, the San Francisco-based artist captures the magnificent color and form that first caught her eye on a beach walk 12 years ago.

Ulva, or sea lettuce, with Postels from 1840

Bull kelp

Nereocystis luetkeana, or bull kelp, with Postels from 1840


Prionitis sternbergii, with Lessoniopsis by Postels from 1840


Plocamium and Osmundea, with Gmelin from 1768

Fucus distichus, or rockweed, with Postels from 1840

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