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This is a repository for really excellent advice…terrific information and a lot of passion and that’s the right combination we need to take action.

Former Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy and the Environment, on WWF’s Fuller Symposium


signatures delivered to the Mexican government, leading to changes in fishing regulations to protect the vaquita porpoise

Humanity has exhausted nature’s budget for the year and is now operating in overdraft.

announcement of Earth Overshoot Day on August 20, 2013—the point at which humanity had “used up” the amount of natural resources that should sustain the planet for a year

Our buffalo are going to be coming back to our country.

Oglala Sioux Tribal Council member, on the WWF-supported effort to establish a joint US-Tribal National Park. From The Washington Post, June 23, 2013
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signatures on a WWF petition to save the Maui’s dolphin in New Zealand, an initiative supported by tweets from pro surfer Laird Hamilton

Poaching and trafficking is threatening Africa’s wildlife. …Today I issued a new executive order to better organize US government efforts in this fight so that we can cooperate further with the Tanzanian government and others. And this includes additional millions of dollars to help countries across the region build their capacity to meet this challenge, because the entire world has a stake in making sure that we preserve Africa’s beauty for future generations.

July 1, 2013


people called on the Australian government to fight for the Great Barrier Reef as part of a recent WWF campaign

I didn’t fully comprehend the magnitude of the poaching crisis until I met with WWF’s Crawford Allan. He inspired me to help launch the “Hands Off My Parts” campaign, which saw real results, especially for the ivory trade and elephants. I’m proud to stand with WWF in the fight to save these incredible species.

Actress and environmental activist on WWF’s Stop Wildlife Crime campaign

As I walked into each of the butterfly sanctuaries, I felt as if I was entering a cathedral or that I was standing on holy ground.

of Danville, Kentucky, on her experience in Angangueo, Mexico, the monarch butterfly’s winter home

While film has the power to make us believe in the unbelievable and beautifully capture a tiger’s graceful presence, in reality, the tiger’s world is far from magical. Their true story is one of fighting for survival. Losing tigers would be a tragic loss for the arts, which at its core, is about interpreting life in its grandest form.

Oscar-winning director on his film, Life of Pi

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