Photographs by Paul van Schalkwyk

Namibian photographer PAUL VAN SCHALKWYK once called his work the fusion of three passions: flying, film and nature. He had a deep love for his country’s arid deserts, shifting dunes, rugged mountains and national parks, and spent more than four decades documenting their natural beauty from the heights of his small planes.

When Paul died in a tragic air crash on March 8, 2014, there was no shortage of tributes. Fellow Namibians remembered him as the man who had cofounded Namibia’s commercial television company and had a legendary presence in the country’s tourism and flying communities. International fans remembered him for the award-winning films and images that brought Namibia’s landscapes to life. And his family expressed their love for and admiration of a husband and father who included them in his globally renowned life and work.

I am lucky to have known Paul myself, and I remember him for his uniquely creative ability to harness the beauty of Namibia’s harsh environment through exquisite, breathtaking imagery. Though Paul has passed on, the legacy of his work remains as a testament to his special love for the natural wonders of Namibia.

Chris Weaver, Managing
Director, WWF in Namibia

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