Put 'protecting the forest' on your holiday shopping list


Gifts like this FSC-certified rocking horse will display the logo on the product, tag, or labeling. You can also search “FSC-certified” and the product name to find responsibly produced products online.

For those on the hunt for gifts during the holiday season, the number of products available and the number of decisions to be made can seem overwhelming—and shopping according to your environmental values may feel like one thing too many to keep in mind. This doesn’t have to be the case. If you are shopping for products that come from trees, all you have to do is look for the FSC® logo.

Products that carry the FSC logo have been certified to Forest Stewardship Council® standards as having been sourced according to specific standards of environmental and social responsibility. When you see the logo, you can be confident that the product came from a well-managed forest and that the workers who harvested it were paid a living wage.

Your purchase of anything bearing the FSC logo supports vital efforts to stop illegal logging, prevent the conversion of forest land for agriculture, and limit the soil erosion that damages waterways when too many trees are removed.

FSC logo

So this holiday season—or anytime, really—if you shop for wood products such as cutting boards, picture frames, wrapping paper, cards, or even rubber toys or maple syrup (which also come from trees!), keep an eye out for the FSC logo. You’ll be helping to protect forests and woodland wildlife.

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