Gallery: Photographs by Patrick Bentley


Photographer and conservationist Patrick Bentley’s book Timeless celebrates the Zambian bush. “The Luangwa Valley has always been a place where time stands still,” Bentley says. “I often get the feeling here that I am stuck in an era that has remained unchanged for millennia.”

But it has changed. As a child, Bentley saw black rhinos disappear from this area. He realized something: “Within my lifetime all the magnificent animals I took for granted could be wiped out.” So, he does his part: His aerial and wildlife photography provides imagery and raises funds for local conservation nonprofits. In the past year, for instance, sales of Timeless raised over $10,000 for Conservation South Luangwa. “Get involved in any way you can,” Bentley says. “There is still hope for our wildlife if we all fight for it.”




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