Honoring Caroline Goldman Cassagnol and celebrating the power of education

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Caroline Goldman Cassagnol

Through WWF’s Russell E. Train Education for Nature Program (EFN), committed conservationists receive critical support for their studies, field research, and expertise. The Cassagnol Fellowship, recently estabished by Professor Robert Kogod Goldman in memory of his sister, Caroline Goldman Cassagnol, offers funding that allows EFN alumni to continue their important work. In this special tribute, Goldman discusses how this fellowship honors Caroline’s lifelong commitment to conservation and her belief in the power of education.

What inspired Caroline’s commitment to nature?

Caroline loved animals her whole life, but that love deepened when she went on an educational safari in Africa. She had the opportunity to see iconic species in their natural habitats and observe how people interacted with and lived among nature. From that point forward, she wanted to do all she could to help protect wildlife and wild places around the world.

Why is WWF’s EFN program a good fit to memorialize Caroline?

EFN ensures lasting impact by investing in local conservation leaders and scientists. I’m in my 51st year of teaching, and I’ve seen firsthand the value of investing in people. It was my intention to memorialize Caroline in a way that she would have found meaningful. This fellowship honors her passion for conservation and her commitment to WWF, by backing individuals who share a similar worldview and purpose.

What do you believe is Caroline’s legacy?

Caroline believed in the importance of preserving nature and protecting wildlife. The Cassagnol Fellowship supports local leaders pursuing their interests in habitat restoration and wildlife conservation, and it inspires them to train others so the cycle can continue. Young people are so in tune with environmental issues. It’s my hope that supporting their eagerness to learn and grow professionally will lead to positive change. And in this way, Caroline’s legacy will live on.

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