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Building Artificial Mounds for One-Horned Rhinos in Nepal’s Chitwan National Park


Most of Nepal’s one-horned rhino population is found in Chitwan National Park. While the park and its vicinity provide suitable habitat for rhinos, the area is highly susceptible to flash floods (10 rhinos were washed away in 2017) which are being further exacerbated by a changing climate.

This pilot project, funded by WWF’s Wildlife Adaptation Innovation Fund, entails the construction of a soil mound inside Chitwan National Park, which will provide a refuge for the rhinos during periods of extreme flooding.

The mound will be constructed in the buffer zone lying on the northern side of the Narayani River that borders the core park area. This is a low-lying rhino habitat close to a river which is susceptible to extreme flooding. The site was selected based on existing rainfall data, the number of rhinos recorded in the area, and recommendations and approval of park authorities and local communities. Construction of the mound is expected to be complete by December 2018.