One of the privileges of being a Partner in Conservation is direct access to a personal WWF liaison. You may also reach someone at our Washington, DC headquarters through our toll free phone number and general email inbox.

We are happy to help you with many common requests, including a change of address, need for a tax receipt, or to make a donation by phone. In addition, we are always available to discuss your interests in the WWF programs and projects made possible by your generous support.

Toll free line: 1-800-960-0993

General inbox: [email protected]

Finally, if you have any feedback or thoughts you would like to share with the Partners team anonymously, you may do so at any time by filling out the form below. You can also reach the Partners team directly at the email and phone listed above if you want to follow up on your comments or share any specific questions or concerns.

"I am consistently impressed by the knowledge that WWF staff bring to the table."
Anthony Ody Bethesda, MD