Work Out Your Wild Side: Youth Physical Education Challenge

Get your students and children up and moving while teaching them the importance of species and habitats with Wild Classroom's Work Out Your Wild Side challenge!

Enjoy daily exercises tied to fun facts about species found in each of our five habitat-themed weeks. Pick and choose your exercises or complete all five weeks in full. Follow up the challenge by having your students/children complete the journal writing assignment to reflect on their experience. We invite all families, classes, and youth groups to join us as we take a break and stretch our wings, fins, and paws!

Weekly Exercises

Select a week to learn more about the available physical education activities.

Journal Reflection

Once your students/children have worked out their wild sides, have them complete a short journal reflection on their experience. The journal entry should include the following details:

• What was your favorite week of exercises? Why?

• Was your favorite animal mentioned? If not, then what is your favorite animal, and what exercise would you do to represent its movement? If your favorite animal was included, then name an animal that wasn’t included and what exercise you would do.

• Name one thing you can do to help endangered species such as the ones mentioned in the challenge.

Sweepstakes Entry

Teachers/parents/guardians must enter their information and submit a photo of one reflective journal entry on behalf of their class/family using the form below. Deadline for entries is May 14, 2021. Each entrant will be entered into a random drawing to receive one grand prize pack. The grand prize pack will consist of one class/family set of Wild Classroom activity books, stickers, and small plush animals, as well as a one-on-one web call with a WWF expert to be scheduled near Endangered Species Day 2021 (May 21, 2021). See official rules for more details.

Official Rules

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Motivational Posters

Download free, printable "Work Out Your Wild Side" posters to motivate you in your learning space.

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