WWF Statement on India's New Tiger Estimates

In response to updated national wild tiger population estimates announced today by the Indian government, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) issued the below statement from Ginette Hemley, senior vice president for wildlife conservation: 

“We truly have reason to celebrate this Global Tiger Day.  The tiger is one of the world’s most endangered mammals and every single one is important to the species’ survival. 

“This news brings us another step closer to securing a future for one of the world’s most iconic species and is further proof that tiger recovery is possible when political will and the right conditions exist. 

“But more must be done to protect the places tigers live, and to ensure tigers remain there, and not in illegal wildlife markets as tonics, skins, or amulets. 

“These announcements should inspire governments to take action and strengthen regulations that protect tigers from illegal trade. When government leaders meet next month in Geneva, they have an opportunity to take critical steps to close down tiger farms across Asia. 

“Tiger farms continue to perpetuate demand and undermine enforcement efforts despite a 2007 CITES ban on farming for commercial purposes. The future for wild tigers will be brighter when governments clamp down on these deadly facilities.”