WWF Statement on Paris Withdrawal

The Administration today announced its decision to officially withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement. This starts a one-year withdrawal period ending on November 4, 2020 at which point the United States will no longer be a signatory to the first global commitment to fight the climate crisis. In response, WWF-US President and CEO Carter Roberts issued the following statement:

“This announcement by the President, while not a surprise, continues the US federal government’s abdication of global climate leadership. This matters because it sends the wrong signal to other nations – that the world’s largest economy doesn’t take this issue seriously – at a moment when we badly need to move farther and faster to reduce emissions. The most recent IPCC report found that climate-induced sea-level rise alone threatens to impact one billion people by 2050. And a landmark UN report in May found that the effects of human activity, including climate change, threaten one million species with extinction. Against that backdrop, it’s no exaggeration to say that the US federal government’s current approach to climate change stands as the single largest barrier to preserving a stable future for life on Earth.

“This Administration’s climate policy also stands at odds with growing bipartisan coalitions in Congress, and with a clear majority of American businesses, cities, and states. Many of these entities, representing more than half of all Americans, have pledged to continue working toward the goals of the Paris Agreement, regardless of federal policy. These forces, together with tribes, faith groups, cultural institutions, and others, give us hope that this Administration’s approach will one day be remembered as an aberration.”