WWF Statement on President Obama's Speech Beginning Week 2 of COP26

In response to the remarks from former President Barack Obama at COP26 in Glasglow today, Marcene Mitchell, Senior Vice President for Climate Change at WWF issued the following statement:

“Today, President Obama sent out a clarion call for cooperation, for us to put aside our differences in the face of this unprecedented threat and remember that climate action must be inclusive of everyone.

“The world must act, our future and our children’s future depend on it, but this COP is in danger of being too little too late. We need global cooperation alongside transformative action here at home. We need to see passage of the Build Back Better Act and the massive investment it will provide to solve the climate crisis and build America’s clean energy future. By passing this legislation, Congress will demonstrate the U.S. is serious and lay the groundwork for further, necessary action.

“The implications of the negotiations this week will be profound and felt for generations. It’s time to get to work.”

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