WWF Statement on the House Agriculture Committee Passage of the 2024 Farm Bill

In response to the House Agriculture Committee passage of the 2024 Farm Bill (the Farm, Food and National Security Act of 2024), World Wildlife Fund (WWF) released the following statement from Alejandro Pérez, senior vice president of policy and government affairs:

“The House Agriculture Committee missed the mark today, undermining the bipartisan legacy of this consequential piece of legislation and essential investments in farmer, rancher and forester-led conservation.

“US producers, conservationists, and communities expect a bill that provides sound investments to reverse the conversion of critical ecosystems, halt food loss and waste, and conserve biodiversity and advance nature-based climate solutions.

“WWF urges Congress to find common ground and pass a bipartisan Farm Bill that supports the resilience of iconic American grasslands, forests, and wetlands along with the livelihoods of our hard-working farmers, ranchers and foresters - now and for future generations.”