WWF Statement on the Zero Draft of a UN Global Treaty to End Plastic Pollution

This week the "Zero Draft" of the UN Global Treaty to End Plastic Pollution was released. In response, WWF issued the following statement from Erin Simon, Vice President and Head of Plastic Waste and Business:

“Ahead of the next round of treaty negotiations (INC3) in November, this draft signals welcomed progress in the process and provides a set of ambitious recommendations that, if implemented, would put us on a path to protect both human health and environmental health by finally putting an end to plastic pollution.

“While the draft also includes less ambitious options, if country negotiators can rally around a treaty objective that is rooted in securing positive outcomes for both people and nature, then real progress is still on the table.

“Later this fall, negotiators will have a choice and they must choose ambition. By placing strong emphasis on eliminating high-risk, single use products paired with mechanisms for prevention, reduction and effective recycling and reuse throughout the entire lifecycle of plastics, only then can we have any hope of seeing a future with no plastic in nature.”