Blueprint for Credible Action on Plastic Pollution

Mounds of plastic bottle waste and other types of plastic waste at the Thilafushi waste disposal site.

The Blueprint for Credible Action on Plastic Pollution

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The Blueprint for Credible Action on Plastic Pollution is a tool for companies as they set priorities to achieve maximized, measurable impact on the journey towards circularity.

In this guidance, WWF recommends that companies take the following steps to move from awareness and commitment to measurable progress backed by science-based recommendations:

Step 1: Understand the plastic crisis and set ambitious goals.

Step 2: Transform your plastic footprint.

Step 3: Advocate with others for system change.

Step 4: Invest in circularity outside of your direct operations.

In each step, we link to key resources and tools and highlight examples of success to help companies develop and execute a successful strategy to fight plastic pollution.

Some outcomes to following this step-by-step guide include:

  • Better plastic footprint calculations and global waste data harmonization for easier collaboration with regulators and investors
  • Targeted plastic pollution impacts and mitigation actions within your direct business control
  • Readiness to advocate alongside stakeholders, policymakers, and other companies
  • Product portfolios that are envisioned and designed for a just and equitable future with No Plastic in Nature

The Blueprint for Credible Action on Plastic Pollution is a helpful tool both for companies initiating a new plastic strategy and those seeking to maintain leadership or expand existing strategies and plans. Companies with strategic plans in place to address plastic pollution can use the Blueprint to identify gaps in existing programs and pinpoint opportunities for expansion and collaboration.

Bookmark this page to find more companion materials to the Plastic Blueprint as they are released. For more about WWF’s work, see No Plastic In Nature.