Forest Restoration Grants

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Advancing locally driven forest restoration

WWF’s Russell E. Train Education for Nature (EFN) Program invites applications from local organizations that have been previously funded through the Reforestation Grant program (2011-2022) to submit concept notes for the community-based Forest Restoration Grant.

The competitive community-based Forest Restoration Grant aims to strengthen efforts of formerly funded local organizations with on-the-ground outcomes that connect previous work to efficiently and effectively deliver collaborative nature-based solutions to enhance long-term community forest restoration. Applicants must demonstrate a proven record of:

  • promoting a place-based commitment to restoration of deforested and degraded landscapes
  • engaging and connecting with local communities and stakeholders in community-based restoration activities to strengthen hands-on training, knowledge exchange, dissemination of knowledge and livelihoods,
  • long term monitoring and evaluation of forest restoration activities
  • preservation of traditional knowledge, the local capacity and capability for managing natural resources
  • efforts that yield community and socio-economic benefits that contribute to diversification of livelihoods
  • efforts contributing national and regional forest and landscape restoration actions

Since 2011, WWF has partnered with the UPS Foundation to award grants totalling $2.1M to support local organizations across Africa, Asia, and Latin America to address the challenge of deforestation and forest degradation to advance human well-being and healthy functioning of forest ecosystems. Grant recipients have demonstrated the ways in which local communities lead in nature-based solutions to tackle biodiversity, climate, and development challenges.

The community-based Forest Restoration Grant is open to organizations in the following eligible countries within WWF-US priority areas: Belize, Bhutan, Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, Cameroon, Chile, Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ecuador, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, Kenya, Laos, Madagascar, Malaysia, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nepal, Paraguay, Peru, Tanzania, Thailand, and Uganda.

Applicants may apply for one year of funding up to $15,000. Please note that the amount of funding approved will vary and proposals should provide a strong budget justification. Applications must be submitted through the online portal via this link by March 30, 2024 by 11:59 PM US EASTERN TIME. Accepted applications will be notified May 2024. Any questions about the application process or program should be directed to [email protected].

View full grant guidelines in PDF version. EN ESPAÑOL