Managing Watersheds for Enhanced Resilience of Communities to Climate Change in Nepal (MaWRiN)

Nepal sunset

The objective of this project is to enhance climate resilience of Indigenous people and local communities in the Marin watershed through nature-based solutions and livelihood diversification. The proposed requested GEF funding will help increase the resilience of the local communities of the Marin watershed in the face of long-term climate change and associated hazards such as landslides, floods, droughts and forest fires by reducing vulnerability, increasing adaptability, and improving the transfer and expansion of locally appropriate nature-based solutions. The project is designed along three components aimed at ensuring community climate resilience by addressing the priority needs identified by local communities. Component 1 will create an enabling environment for climate change and adaptation mainstreaming through capacity building, planning and policy support and catalyze an innovative approach of integrated watershed management in the Marin watershed. Component 2 will incorporate climate change impacts and adaptation measures into watershed planning and management, and implement nature-based solutions (NbS) that address impacts of natural disasters while increasing agriculture productivity and resilience and help vulnerable communities. Component 3 aims to increase knowledge and learning for sustainability and replication while ensuring monitoring and evaluation for adaptive management of the project.

  • Village at the bottom of a large hill


  • Woman walking through lake in Nepal
  • A stone wall reinforced by wire

    a bioegineered slope in nepal

  • A woman dressed in all pink stands in front of a large mountain holding a bunch of green vegetables and looks at the camera

    Improving farming practices in Nepal's Marin Watershed

Countries: Nepal
Focal AreaClimate Change Adaptation (Least Developed Country Fund)
Project Status: CEO Endorsed
GEF ID: 10727
Implementing agencies: WWF-GEF
Executing agencies: Ministry of Forests and Environment (MoFE)
GEF Project Grant: US $9,024,312
GEF Agency Fee: US $812,188
Co-financing: US $26,820,917

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