Wildlife Insights

“In today’s increasingly digital age, big data and artificial intelligence have the power to transform the fate of many endangered species. Wildlife Insights promises to bring millions of unseen images to life and apply them to critical conservation decisions. ”

Margaret Kinnaird
WWF Wildlife Practice Leader

Monitoring the populations and movements of the planet’s most at-risk species is the first step towards protecting them. Each year, WWF scientists and field staff install thousands of camera traps, cameras equipped with infrared triggers, providing an unequaled view into the habits and habitats of wildlife populations. Millions of photos and are collected every day, but all this information has a downside — it is time consuming to sort through and painstaking to analyze, meaning most of it is never used or shared.

Wildlife Insights is a groundbreaking collaboration between the world’s leading conservation organizations to overcome these barriers. Together with our technology partners at Google, we have developed the world’s largest camera trap database, where NGOs, governments, and citizen scientists can upload, analyze, and share their camera trap photos with the conservation community.

Equipped with cutting edge artificial intelligence technology, Wildlife Insights can automatically identify hundreds of wildlife photos in minutes, a task that traditionally takes researchers weeks or months to complete. Now scientists can access photos and data on any device, whether in an office or out in the field. By sharing data in one place, Wildlife Insight is helping to facilitate collaboration and answer larger conservation questions.

With access to reliable and timely information on wildlife, scientists, land managers and other stakeholders can better anticipate threats, understand where and why wildlife populations are changing, and take action to protect our most endangered species.