KAZA Elephant Survey Fact Sheet 2022

The KAZA Elephant Survey 2022 Fact Sheet provides an outline of high-level findings from the survey along with the rationale for the work, including the need for a synchronized and coordinated approach and an outline of the survey techniques employed.

The KAZA Elephant Survey was conducted from August to October 2022 to estimate the number and distribution of Africa’s largest savanna elephant population. It was the first time that all five KAZA partner states—Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe—collaboratively undertook a standardized survey of the region’s entire elephant population in a single coordinated exercise. The primary objective was to obtain a relatively precise and accurate estimate of the number of live elephants, elephant carcasses, and other large herbivores in the region in order to inform future conservation plans and opportunities to enhance human-wildlife coexistence. The survey was coordinated by the KAZA Secretariat, with support from WWF, Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, and others, as well as international and US governmental agencies like US Fish and Wildlife Service and USAID.