Our Planet Educator Guides

Teaching Tools About Our Planet

Use these guides in accompaniment with the Our Planet series episodes to help shape supplementary discussions and activities within your 5th-12th grade learning environment.

Available Toolkit Files

  • Full Our Planet Toolkit


  • One Planet

    One Planet Brochure

  • Our Forests

    Our Forests Brochure

  • Our Coastal Seas

    Our Coastal Seas Brochure

  • Our Frozen Worlds

    Our Frozen Worlds Brochure

  • From Deserts to Grasslands

    From Deserts to Grasslands Brochure

  • Our Fresh Water

    Our Fresh Water Brochure

  • Our High Seas

    Our High Seas Brochure

  • Our Jungles

    Our Jungles Brochure