The Grasslands of the Northern Great Plains

The resources in this content pack are designed to encourage learners to explore, analyze, and discuss the importance of grassland ecosystems like the Northern Great Plains, the benefits grasslands provide to wildlife and people, and our role in protecting them. The resources also take a look at the role pollinators play to keep ecosystems healthy while familiarizing learners with the pollinators and wildflowers native to their area. These resources are great for grades 3-8, but can be adapted for any age group

Available Toolkit Files

  • Educators Resource Guide

    The resource guide gives you all the information you need to teach your students about grassland ecosystems and the impacts of human activity on the Northern Great Plains. The guide includes basic facts about the grasslands of Northern Great Pains, why this ecosystem matters, what threats it is facing, what WWF is doing to help, and what kids can do to help.

    Educators Resource Guide Brochure

  • Discussion Questions

    Use these questions to help shape supplementary discussions and activities within your learning environment.

    Discussion Questions Brochure

  • Pollinator Dash

    Cause and Effect Science Game

    This game will get kids up and moving while discovering the impacts wildflowers have on pollinators, especially as grasslands are reduced by human activities.     

                                            (20-30 minutes)

    Pollinator Dash Brochure

  • Whose Home Is on the Range

    Diversity and Adaptations Science Activity

    Learners will follow clues to discover the diversity of pollinators and what adaptations they have to help them do their job. 

                                             (30-45 minutes)

    Whose Home Is on the Range Brochure

  • The Roles We Play

    Communication and Science Activity

    To learn the interdependence of different parts of an ecosystem, learners will participate in a role-playing activity that demonstrates the impacts of living and non-living elements on each other and what threats they face in the Northern Great Plains.   

                                             (45-60 minutes)

      The Roles We Play Brochure

    • Wildflower "No Pick" Scavenger Hunt

      Field Scavenger Hunt

      Learners can use this guide to locate and identify wildflowers local to their region.

        Wildflower "No Pick" Scavenger Hunt Brochure

      • Grassland Posters (8.5x11)

        Classroom Posters

        Download one PDF file containing both 8.5x11 grassland posters.

      • Grassland Posters (11x17)

        Classroom Posters

        Download one PDF file containing both 11x17 grassland posters.

      Test Your Knowledge

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      Education materials developed in collaboration with HHMI Tangled Bank Studios and Air Wick in support of the One Square Foot initiative and the PBS documentary My Garden of a Thousand Bees.

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