Wildlife Arts and Crafts

These arts and crafts activities give an opportunity for children to use their creative minds while learning about the wildlife they love and the places they live.

Available Toolkit Files

  • Polar Bear Lantern

    Light up the room with this polar bear inspired milk jug lantern.

    Polar Bear Lantern Brochure

  • Monarch Butterfly Rest Stop

    Build a rest spot for monarch butterflies with this easy to make feeder.

    Monarch Butterfly Rest Stop Brochure

  • Swinging Orangutan

    Use recycled materials to make a swinging orangutan.

    Swinging Orangutan Brochure

  • Heart Animals

    Create unique heart animals to express your appreciation and concern for wildlife.

    Heart Animals Brochure

  • Toilet Paper Roll Penguin

    Create a penguin out of household materials.

    Toilet Paper Roll Penguin Brochure

  • Snow Leopard Door Hanger

    Display a snow leopard door hanger to show love for these elusive cats.

    Snow Leopard Door Hanger Brochure

  • I’m Proud of My Stripes!

    Design a unique tiger mask and let everyone hear your roar.

    I’m Proud of My Stripes! Brochure

  • Only Jellies in the Belly

    Craft a jellyfish out of plastic to understand the connection between pollution and sea life.

    Only Jellies in the Belly Brochure

  • Biodiversity Mosaic

    Create a large collaborative representation of healthy biodiversity on Earth.

    Biodiversity Mosaic Brochure

  • Origami Butterfly Feeders

    Construct your own biodegradable butterfly planter for milkweed.

    Origami Butterfly Feeders Brochure

  • Watch your Noodles for Elephants' Sake

    Generate a collage of common household items to raise awareness for elephants' survival.

    Watch your Noodles for Elephants' Sake Brochure

  • The Umbrella Effect

    Build a hanging mobile with dolphins as the centerpiece.

    The Umbrella Effect Brochure

  • Paw to Paw

    Compare your handprint to a polar bear paw with this craft activity.

    Paw to Paw Brochure

  • Color with WWF

    Nature-themed coloring pages from around the world.

    Color with WWF Brochure