Youth for the Planet: Taking Climate Action in Your Own Community

Together with WeAreTeachers, we created a climate action resource kit to educate youth on climate change and inspire them to take meaningful actions at home, school, and in their community. Use this kit with 7th-10th graders in any learning environment.

How to Use the Toolkit

This kit has everything you need to equip your learners to be the next generation of climate leaders. Begin your lesson with the slideshow and the accompanying notes sheet to review climate change and introduce ways that other young people are addressing climate change locally. Next, challenge your students to use the activities in this kit to create a picture book, display their climate actions on a bulletin board, or both! Finally, students can take their climate action further by designing projects to mitigate climate change in their communities.

  • Full Climate Action Toolkit

    Full Climate Action Toolkit

Slideshow: Youth for the Planet

This slideshow introduces students to climate change, its main causes, and how it’s affecting communities around the United States. It asks students to consider what actions they can take in their own lives to mitigate the effects of climate change in their community. Use the Presentation Notes Sheet to engage students throughout the presentation and refer to the Teacher Notes included in the slides to support the lesson.

  • Youth for the Planet Presentation

    Youth for the Planet Presentation

  • Student Presentation Notes Sheet

    Student Presentation Notes Sheet

Learning Activities

  • Language Arts

    Picture Book Activity: Together We Can Take Climate Action

    This creative lesson encourages students to apply their knowledge to create a picture book capturing the most important information that younger students should know.

  • Bulletin Board Activity: We’re Taking Climate Action!

    In this fun, competitive activity, students will identify and track their actions on a bulletin board with special climate action badges and see how every small action adds up to make a big difference.

  • Science

    Student Project Plan: Working Together for Climate Action

    It's time for students to take the lead! Students will brainstorm, design, and implement a comprehensive climate action campaign for their school or community. Detailed teachers’ guide and student planning sheets for each step make the project manageable.

Test Your Knowledge

Check out Wild Classroom's What Can You Do About Climate Change? quiz on Kahoot!