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DreamWorks and WWF Team Up for Wildlife Conservation with Kung Fu Panda 4

  • Date: 05 March 2024

In celebration of the newest film in the action-comedy franchise, Kung Fu Panda 4, WWF has teamed up with DreamWorks Animation to raise awareness about the plight of wildlife. The film features animated versions of real animals like giant pandas, snow leopards, red pandas, and pangolins – all species that play a critical role in keeping ecosystems healthy.

In the film the beloved giant panda Po, The Dragon Warrior, has been promoted to Spiritual Leader of the Valley of Peace, where he must quest to overpower a villain shapeshifter, The Chameleon. In the real world - while we may not be faced with shapeshifting villains – climate change, pollution, and wildlife trafficking all threaten the health of species and ecosystems. The partnership between WWF and DreamWorks spotlights the importance of protecting species great and small, to benefit all of nature and people.

To connect viewers with what they see on screen and the real world, WWF has created several resources to educate, inspire, and motivate audiences to take action to protect species such as the giant panda. Educators and parents alike can explore WWF Wild Classroom resources such as toolkits, worksheets, videos, and learning activities to keep the momentum about conservation going after the film is over. WWF also has symbolic adoptions of some of the species featured in the film, which can serve as a meaningful contribution to helping protect wildlife.

Partnerships like this are critical in helping to meet the general public where they are, such as in movie theaters, to stress the importance of taking steps to help protect our planet. Click here to learn more about the characteristics of each species featured in the film and access the full suite of resources.


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