Kung Fu Panda 4 Toolkit

In celebration of the new chapter of the beloved action-comedy franchise Kung Fu Panda 4, World Wildlife Fund and DreamWorks Animation have teamed up to raise awareness about the plight of the real wildlife depicted in the film.

Learning Activities

Explore a diverse array of engaging activities, featuring lessons in math, social-emotional learning, and science. The activities focus on biodiversity, adaptations, and the essential role all organisms play in maintaining the delicate balance of their native ecosystems. Designed for students in grades 3-8, these resources offer an enriching educational experience that fosters a deeper understanding of our natural world.

  • Science

    Animal Adaptations Classroom Presentation

    This easy-to-use PowerPoint presentation is designed to introduce your students to animal adaptations. Through the slides, students will learn about the different functions of adaptations and identify adaptations as physical or behavioral. 

  • Science

    Animal Adaptations ID Game

    Following the classroom presentation on adaptations, students can delve deeper into the topic through an interactive card game. This activity aims to reinforce their understanding of how different Asian species, including those depicted in Kung Fu Panda 4, utilize distinctive physical and behavioral traits for survival and self-defense.

  • Room to Grow

    Engage your students with an art project aimed at celebrating their unique strengths and fostering a growth mindset. Through this activity, they'll learn and uncover their leadership skills as they reflect on their talents and future aspirations.

  • Science

    Biodiversity Escape Room

    Challenge your students with this team-building, escape room-style exercise exploring ecological roles within an ecosystem and how biodiversity is connected to ecosystem health. While solving the puzzles, students will learn to recognize how their own actions contribute to a team's success.

  • Math

    Conservation Calculations: Species of Asia

    Have your students practice multiplication, division, basic graphing, and multi-step word problems while learning about pandas, snow leopards, pangolins, and other Asian animals.

    Recommended for grades 3-4


  • Maze


  • Word Search

    Word Search

  • Answer Key

    Answer Key

All About Giant Pandas

The adorable black-and-white panda is the rarest member of the bear family and is among the world's most threatened animals. In this video, we'll learn more about giant pandas, their habitats, how they support their ecosystems, and why we need to protect them. To learn more about wildlife and wild places, subscribe to WWF's Wild Classroom YouTube channel.

Headshot of Mike Mitchell, wearing black framed glasses and a black sweater
WWF Wildlife Conservation Senior Program Officer, Alexander Nicolas, smiles with a WWF hat on in a tropical forest landscape.

Conservation in the Classroom Recorded Livestream

Biodiversity and the Importance of Teamwork

Recorded on Thursday, March 28, 2024

Mike Mitchell | Kung Fu Panda 4 Movie Director
Alexander Nicolas | WWF Wildlife Conservation Senior Program Officer

Join us for a discussion with the director of Kung Fu Panda 4, Mike Mitchell, and WWF’s Wildlife Conservation program officer, Alexander Nicolas, about the role and value of teamwork in the movie and in biodiversity. We’ll learn how real-life animals like giant pandas, snow leopards, and more play a valuable role in keeping their native ecosystems balanced and thriving.

Prepare for the session with the Kung Fu Panda 4 toolkit that includes Wild Classroom activities, videos, and a Kahoot game.

Suggested grade level: 3rd – 8th

About the Partnership

KFP4 partnership art

Kung Fu Panda 4

Kung Fu Panda 4 tells the story of Po, the giant panda who is the Dragon Warrior and is tapped to become the Spiritual Leader of the Valley of Peace. Just like Po takes on the role of Spiritual Leader, real-life animals, such as giant pandas and snow leopards, contribute to the health of their natural ecosystems. In fact, all organisms play a valuable role in keeping their native ecosystems balanced and thriving. When we protect one species, we’re helping to protect all of them for the benefit of people and nature.

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Test Your Knowledge

Check out Wild Classroom's All About Giant Pandas and  Importance of Forests quizzes on Kahoot! Academy.