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Insights from WWF’s First-Ever Plastic Policy Summit

  • Date: 25 July 2023

The world has never been closer to reaching a global solution towards addressing the plastic pollution crisis. And with the Global Treaty on Plastic Pollution coming into view, the policy landscape around the world is advancing quickly – and it’s critical that the United States is keeping at pace.

In March 2023, World Wildlife Fund hosted its first-ever Plastic Policy Summit to help forge this path forward in the US by bringing together voices across the spectrum of plastic waste stakeholders and rights holders under one roof. Over the course of two days, speakers and participants—including federal agency representatives, state and local policymakers, nonprofit and corporate leaders, and members of Congress—took part in discussions to help inform how we, as a country, can advance policies and collective action toward a shared outcome of ending plastic pollution in the U.S.

The Summit generated numerous high-quality insights – recommendations for action as rich as the many perspectives that participated in crucial discussions.

In the Plastic Policy Summit Outcomes and Actions report, released today, we synthesize these insights and other key resources into 70 recommendations for action by policy makers, business, and other stakeholders.

You can see the highlights in the executive summary, or dive deeper with the full report here.

  • Erin Simon at a podium

    Erin Simon, WWF

  • people on a panel stage at a conference

    Anthony Tusino, WWF; Megan Daum, American Beverage Association; Kate Bailey, Association of Plastic Recyclers; Erica Nuñez, The Ocean Foundation

  • people on a panel at a conference

    Taylor Maddalene, University of Georgia

  • person on stage with presentation screen

    Margaret Spring, Monterey Bay Aquarium

  • a panel of people speaking at a conference

    Rachel Kipar, The Recycling Partnership; Bridget Croke, Closed Loop Partners

  • people standing and talking

    Alix Grabowski, WWF; Dr. Winnie Lau, Pew Charitable Trusts

  • two people shaking hands on stage

    Erin Simon, WWF; Ali Zaidi, White House National Climate Advisor

  • two people speaking on stage at a panel session

    Carol Browner, Former EPA Administrator; Charles Lee, Senior Policy Advisor, Office of Environmental Justice, EPA

  • people on stage speaking on a panel session

    Taylor Maddalene, University of Georgia; Mayor Melisa Logan, City of Blytheville, Arkansas | Mississippi River Plastic Pollution Initiative; Susan Fife-Ferris, City of Seattle; Divya Sridhar, Circular Cleveland


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