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My Peak Challenge and WWF Team Up for Healthy People and Planet

  • Date: 28 May 2024

Founded by actor and philanthropist Sam Heughan, My Peak Challenge (MPC) is a global community dedicated to health, wellness, and giving back to charity. In an effort to support wildlife, MPC selected World Wildlife Fund as its official charity partner for 2024. This year, MPC has championed for its members, also known as Peakers, to fundraise and advocate for WWF’s mission to conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth.

A paper tree with pledges attached and a WWF banner

Last month, over 600 Peakers from across the globe gathered in Edinburgh, Scotland for MPC’s annual Gala weekend, where the Peaker community unites for a unique blend of wellness, camaraderie, celebration. As the official charity partner, WWF teamed up with MPC to take part in engaging programming for Peakers throughout the weekend. WWF’s Pledge Tree welcomed Peakers by asking them to make a pledge for the planet: a mindful affirmation of how they will take action in support of planet and people. Pledges included planting native plants and pollinator gardens, wasting less food, buying more responsibly sourced products, and using less plastic.

The Peakers participated in a two-hour workout with head coach Sam, and coaches Valbo, Mooney and Pearl. These workouts contributed to WWF’s Give an Hour For Earth campaign during the month of April in honor of Earth Day, which encouraged individuals to devote an hour or more of their time to Earth – giving back to the planet that gives us so much. WWF recorded over 105,106 hours of positive action for the planet, creating the biggest hour for Earth. The Peaker community on its own generated 3,501 hours – an impressive showing.

The weekend continued with My Peak Challenge Games, similar to the Highland Games, as a way of celebrating Scottish and Celtic culture, particularly from the Scottish Highlands. Peakers divided into four teams, including a "Team WWF."

The weekend concluded with a gala celebration, where Sam interviewed Dr. Nikhil Advani of WWF-US and Lyndsey Dodds of WWF Scotland on the important conservation work they are leading on-the-ground. Dr. Advani, the Senior Director of Wildlife and Climate Resilience at WWF-US, shared how his work focuses on providing a better understanding of how wildlife and rural communities are being affected by climate change, and developing and implementing solutions to help them adapt. Dodds, the Oceans Recovery Policy Manager at WWF-UK, shared how she works with governments, coastal communities, and businesses alike in Scotland on blue carbon, coastal restoration, and fisheries policy.

WWF is grateful for the support of Sam, My Peak Challenge, and the Peaker community for being champions of WWF’s mission through awareness-raising, fundraising, and action. Through these efforts, the Peaker community is helping WWF address the greatest threats to life on this planet and protect the natural world that sustains and inspires us.