Alex Nichols-Vinueza

Director, Food Loss & Waste

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Alex Nichols-Vinueza, Director, Food Waste—Alex supports the US Food Waste team’s portfolio of projects, including work with the agricultural, grocery retail, hospitality and food service sectors. This includes the Global Farm Loss Tool, the Food Waste Warrior program (which empowers students and teachers to learn about the food system by measuring and reducing their school food waste); the Zero Food Waste Coalition (in its work to advance common sense policies at the state and federal levels to develop a more circular food economy and mitigate climate change); and the US Food Waste Pact (a national voluntary agreement to accelerate leading food businesses’ progress toward their waste reduction targets).

Alex brings over 15 years of project and partnership management experience across tech, government, and sustainability consulting in the US and Latin America. He is bilingual in Spanish and English, and holds a BA from the University of Michigan and an MEM from Duke’s Nichols School of the Environment.

Alex hails from Traverse City in northern Michigan, where he grew up camping, spending summers in the area’s many parks and lakes, and working on local farms.

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