Carolina Ortiz

Manager, Strategic Planning and Finance

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Carolina Ortiz is a Colombian with more than ten years of experience in planning biodiversity conservation and sustainable management projects. As Manger for the Earth for Life team, Carolina works with partner organizations in the development of conservation plans for area-based projects, mainly Project Finance for Permanence (PFP) projects, developing costing exercises and financial models and identifying sustainable financing mechanisms for those initiatives.

Carolina is passionate about developing tools that can inform decision-making and policy design for biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. Before joining WWF, she supported the designing of Colombia’s PFP, Herencia Colombia (HECO) as a Development and Project Management Professional (Profesional de desarrollo y gestión de proyectos) at Fondo Patrimonio Natural. 

She has a Master of Science in Biological Sciences from Universidad de Los Andes and a Biology degree from Universidad de Los Andes, where she developed an interest in data analysis and modeling.

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  • MSc – Biological Sciences, Universidad de Los Andes
  • BSc – Biology, Universidad de Los Andes

Areas of Expertise

  • Conservation planning
  • Financial planning
  • Sustainable financing mechanisms