Fernando Bellese

Sr Director, Beef and Leather Supply Chains, Markets

Fernando Bellese
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Fernando Bellese is a Marketing and Sustainability professional with over 20 years of experience. With a Master’s in Tourism, Environment and Social Development from King’s College London, and an MBA from the Federal University of Uberlandia, Fernando has spent the last 12 years engaged in important sustainability discussions and initiatives in the fashion, automotive, leather and beef sectors. First as a Marketing and Sustainability Manager for JBS S/A and later as Chief Sustainability Officer for PrimeAsia Leather Corporation, he worked in projects to develop Cleaner Production approaches and more transparent supply chains looking at creating more efficient and sustainable outcomes.

He has actively participated in different national and international initiatives and organizations such as Leather Working Group, the Brazilian Roundtable of Sustainable Livestock, ZDHC, UNECE and Leather Naturally, contributing to important discussions involving the worldwide leather and beef industries, in topics such as innovation, supply chain engagement, traceability, carbon footprint, environment, transparency, animal welfare and responsible chemical management.

Fernando enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife and son, running, hiking and snowboarding.

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Sr Director, Beef and Leather Supply Chains