Michael Griff

Director, Seafood Markets

Michael Griff
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Michael Griff is a Director, Seafood Engagement on the WWF-US Seafood Markets team and is responsible for the development, management, and execution of sustainable seafood policy and sourcing strategies with US as well as global companies. Michael also leads tuna markets work bridging tuna fisheries engagement with comprehensive buyer asks, FIP expansion through mid-supply chain supplier engagement, and participates as a stakeholder within the Pet Food Sustainability Working Group (PFSWG) working to enhance sustainability within the pet food industry. Michael has extensive knowledge of the seafood industry and global seafood supply chains.

Prior to joining WWF Michael was the Senior Commercial Manager and team lead with the Marine Stewardship Council US. Michael has also held various marketing roles with leading consumer product companies and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Marketing and a MA in Advertising from Michigan State University.

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