Ginette Hemley

Senior Vice President, Wildlife Conservation

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Media inquiries: (202) 495-4102 or [email protected]

Ginette Hemley is Senior Vice President of Wildlife Conservation at WWF. She oversees programs to secure a future in the wild for the world's most endangered and iconic species. Under her leadership, WWF is implementing high-impact strategies for wildlife protection and recovery that include community-centered conservation approaches; reducing poaching and illegal wildlife trade by applying new technologies and stemming demand for wildlife products; and creating unique partnerships to mobilize public, political, and financial support for long-term species and habitat conservation.

An authority on endangered species and conservation policy, Ginette has developed and launched global recovery strategies for critically endangered species and has engaged key constituencies in unique partnerships to secure long-term solutions, from local women’s groups to national policy makers to multinational companies. She previously served as WWF’s senior vice president for strategy & science, as managing vice president for conservation, and as director of TRAFFIC. An ecologist with over 30 years of international conservation experience, Ginette received a BS in biology from the College of William & Mary, studied history and philosophy at Oxford University, and is an ELIAS Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.