Wind farm sparks a clean energy revolution in Texas

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Saddle maker Charles Barfknecht and his wife and business partner Jane have a wind turbine on their land in Muenster, Texas. It’s one of more than 52 scattered across the landscape. For the couple, lease payments on the land the turbine occupies provide financial support: Charles, a retired fire chief, has been able to buy hearing aids; Jane plans to trade in her 19-year-old pickup truck. The wind farm is helping the town bring in new resources through taxes—so far, a new respiratory program for the hospital, new buses for the school district, and new computers for the schools. And since Procter & Gamble buys nearly 80% of the electricity produced in Muenster to power P&G plants in the US and Canada, the turbines have an impact far beyond the town. In Muenster, the clean energy revolution is well under way.


Income Security

“It’s kind of like Social Security to us retired people. It’s been a great help.”

Charles and Jane Barfknecht

A Green Path Forward

“It makes me proud to be a part of the future...the future of technology and the future of energy.”

Steven Self
Superintendent, Muenster Independent School District

Technology in Schools

“Without the updated technology, we would not be able to provide the education for our students that they deserve.”

Debra Sicking
Instructional Technologist, Muenster Independent School District

Reduced Emissions

“Our future depends on making responsible decisions today. That means investing in renewable energy to manage our emissions for a better future.”

Mark Ragase
Purchasing Group Manager, Procter & Gamble

Improved Healthcare

“It’s a win-win for everybody. Not only are we helping the environment, but the revenue being generated by the wind farm helps the hospital grow and move forward.”

Brian Roland
CEO, Muenster Memorial Hospital


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