Carmen Busquets on the need for sustainable fashion

Carmen Busquets illustration

WWF National Council member Carmen Busquets is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, investor, and zero-waste fashion advocate. She began her career at age 23, opening an avant-garde luxury fashion boutique in Venezuela. Since then, she has been a pioneering member of the fashion-tech space, championing its potential to advance sustainable development and turning the luxury fashion industry into one that balances profit with purpose.


When I was growing up in Caracas, my parents would take us to an island in the Los Roques Archipelago National Park every weekend. My siblings and I played there all day long, immersed in nature. These early experiences helped ground my life and my worldview in appreciation for the environment and all that nature provides.


I feel a spiritual connection to Bhutan. I go there for meditation, Qigong, and hiking retreats, and to advance my philanthropy. Being part of the Bhutan Nuns Foundation, having the Queen Mother of Bhutan as my mentor, and being part of the WWF Bhutan for Life initiative have made me realize that when we join forces to work toward the same goal, the impossible becomes possible.


The connection between conservation and fashion isn’t obvious. But fast fashion has fueled increasing levels of waste and overconsumption, while neglecting the traditional handworker economy. I back progressive fashion brands that prioritize innovative technologies that will enable them to become more sustainable and effective by implementing systems to reduce waste and recycle materials while protecting workers’ rights.


The craft traditions of Indigenous communities are steeped in cultural heritage and offer an ethical and environmentally friendly alternative to industrial production. I have supported these traditions through CoutureLab, which sold one-off, handmade pieces, and I am continuing that support through my investment portfolio and the nonprofit organizations I work with.

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