Eating a variety of foods is good for you—and the planet

The US Department of Agriculture recommends people eat a variety of foods from each food group, yet it also reports that Americans, on average, consume more fats and oils, added sugar and sweeteners, proteins, and grains than recommended, and fewer fruits, vegetables, and dairy products.

This affects the planet because overconsumption of foods like these, which require lots of energy and water to grow, put a heavy burden on our natural resources.

So get more diversity on your plate! It’ll be good for the planet—and for you.

Consider the impacts of what you eat on the environment, and take a few steps today to diversify your diet.

  • Check out the USDA's nutritional guidelines at
  • Keep a food journal, or look back at your grocery receipts, and take a moment to consider how you can diversify your diet.
  • Choose more sustainably produced food when you shop. Here's how.

balanced diet

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