A look at the natural world of Colombia

Heritage Colombia is a conservation financing project designed to secure protections for Colombia’s natural and cultural landscapes; it will help complete a suite of long-term funding efforts that will collectively, permanently protect 14% of the Amazon.

But Heritage Colombia goes far beyond the Amazon. In fact, it is the astounding diversity of landscapes included in the project that makes it unique. Heritage Colombia includes the dense forests and fast-flowing rivers of the Amazon, the white-capped mountains of the Andes, mangroves along the Pacific Coast, vast stretches of the Caribbean Sea, the open savanna of the Orinoco River basin—and some of the greatest biological diversity on the planet.

Colombia is the second most biodiverse country in the world

In fact, per square kilometer, the country is the most biodiverse. There are more bird, amphibian, butterfly, and frog species here than anywhere else in the world.

56,343 SPECIES


22,850   Flowering plants
4,270   Orchids
3,274   Butterflies
2,000   Marine fish
1,921   Birds
1,435   Freshwater fish
1,250   Sponges
900   Ants
803   Amphibians
537   Reptiles
492   Mammals
289   Palms
197   Migratory birds
130   Corals



Astounding diversity of landscapes

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