Give an Hour for Earth

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Earth Hour, traditionally recognized for its symbolic "lights off" moment, is evolving this year. Instead of merely turning off lights, we invite you to dedicate an hour of your time to actively contribute to the conservation of our planet.

Regardless of your interests – whether it's food, fitness, the arts, or the outdoors – everyone can invest an hour in reconnecting with and giving back to Earth. This could involve taking an advocacy action, going out and cleaning up your neighborhood or park, doing an environmental education activity, donating an hour of your income, or inspiring others to care for our shared home, all while engaging in activities you love.

While one hour may seem small, imagine the collective impact if each of us commits just one hour to fostering positive environmental change.

In March, join us, explore a variety of activities through our online tool, and pledge your hours for Earth. Together, let's make a lasting difference for our planet.