exploring OECMs

A new paradigm for area-based conservation

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Exploring OECMs, A new paradigm for area-based conservation

Sessions 2-3: November 3, 2022

Join WWF for this year’s Fuller Symposium exploring a new and evolving conservation framework —“other effective area-based conservation measures” (OECMs). OECMs are sites apart from protected areas that deliver long-term biodiversity conservation under equitable governance and management. This symposium will bring together leading experts to engage critically with OECMs, analyze the potential for these sites worldwide, identify implementation challenges and ways to address them, and investigate the conditions needed to maximize their positive contributions to both people and the planet.


November 3, 2022

11:00 am EDT

Opening Watch video >

Headshot of Anne Larson


Marion Osieyo, WWF

11:10 am EDT

Session 2 Watch video >

Challenging OECMs

Headshot of Anne Larson

Will OECMs support or hinder customary systems and local governance?

Anne Larson, CIFOR/ICRAF

Headshot of Joji Carino

OECMs: Challenges and Opportunities for Indigenous-led Conservation

Joji Carino, Forest Peoples’ Programme

Headshot of Joachim Claudet

Avoiding the misuse of OECMs in the wake of the blue economy

Joachim Claudet, CNRS, The French National Center for Scientific Research


Moderator: Gabby Ahmadia, WWF


12:45 pm EDT

Session 3 Watch video >

Operationalizing OECMs

Headshot of Jonas Geldmann

Ensuring integrity in OECMs’ identification, monitoring and reporting

Jonas Geldmann, University of Copenhagen

Headshot of Heather Bingham

Mapping OECMs at a global scale

Heather Bingham, UN Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre

Headshot of Andrew Rhodes Espinoza

Meeting Conservation Goals at the National Level: Lessons Learned for Enabling Conditions

Andrew John Rhodes Espinoza, Ministry of Foreign Relations of México

Headshot of Ameyali Ramos

Operationalizing OECMs for Indigenous Groups and Local Communities

Ameyali Ramos, ICCA


Moderator: Sam Cheng, WWF

2:30 pm EDT

Closing Watch video >

Headshot of Georgina Gurney

OECMs: An opportunity to advance equitable and effective conservation

Georgina Gurney, Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, James Cook University

Rebecca Shaw


Rebecca Shaw, WWF




Past schedule

October 18, 2022

2:00 pm EDT

Opening Watch video >

Headshot of Carter Roberts


Carter Roberts, President & CEO, WWF

2:10 pm EDT

Session 1 Watch video >

OECMs and the future of area-based conservation

Watch session 1
Headshot of Rebecca Shaw


Rebecca Shaw, WWF

Headshot of Madhu Rao

OECMs: An opportunity for transformative change

Madhu Rao, World Commission on Protected Areas

Headshot of Lucía Ruiz

An evolving paradigm shift: from Protection to Conservation

Lucía Ruiz, WWF-México

Headshot of Stacy Jupiter

OECMs: the promise (and some perils)

Stacy Jupiter, WCS-Fiji


3:15 pm EDT

Case Studies Watch video >

Watch the case studies


Gabby Ahmadia, WWF

Headshot of Candice Stevens

OECMs as a tool for innovation: Examples from South Africa

Candice Stevens, Sustainable Finance Coalition | IUCN WCPA Sustainable Finance Specialist Group

Headshot of Estradivari

The future of marine conservation in Indonesia

Estradivari, Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research

Headshot of Dennis Jorgensen

Supporting Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities to advance conservation in the Northern Great Plains

Dennis Jorgensen, WWF-Northern Great Plains

4:15 pm EDT

Discussion Watch video >

Moderator: Harry Jonas, WWF

4:55 pm EDT

Closing Watch video >

The Path Forward

Pablo Pacheco, WWF