Species Spotlight: Emperor Penguin

Emperor penguin babies

Questions and Answers

Where are half the world’s emperor penguins found?
Half of the world’s emperor penguins live in the Antarctic Peninsula, which is heating up faster than the global average and melting sea ice that penguins depend on for feeding and breeding.

Where is the emperor penguin female while the male incubates the eggs?
After laying an egg, the mother emperor penguin leaves it with a male who protects the fragile hard shell from the elements. The mother then travels up to 50 miles to reach the ocean and fish. She later returns to the hatching site to regurgitate the food to the newly hatched chicks.

Does the male emperor penguin eat while he is protecting the hatchings?
The male penguin must fast for two months, unable to eat anything until the female penguin returns and he can make his own journey to the sea to replenish himself.



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