TNRC Model Results | Transparency and accountability for market-based incentives

Transparency and accountability for market-based incentives

The TNRC Model Results Chains share practical knowledge for program designers and implementers to reduce corruption’s impact on conservation.

While overconsumption is a major threat to conservation, markets can also be forces for good. Market-based incentives like sustainability certifications are one way to harness the market for conservation, but only if corruption is prevented from undermining the integrity of those programs. Increasing access to information and empowering people to ensure rules are followed are two key ways to do so.

This model results chain illustrates how conservation and natural resource management practitioners could integrate transparency, accountability, and other open governance initiatives into a standard market-based incentive program. However, like any model, it is only a starting point, and it must be adapted to the specific context and objectives of a given activity. Not all of these factors will be applicable or feasible for all market-based initiatives, and all require careful adaptation and integration.

This model results chain was adapted from “5.3 Market-Based Incentives” in the Conservation Actions & Measures Library. Users may notice similarities to the TNRC model result chain "Integrating Anti-Corruption ito Traceability Initiatives", which was also based on 5.3, but focuses more on the supply chain elements of a market-based incentive intervention.

  • The intermediate result boxes with red text include descriptive background and useful links to anti-corruption resources.
  • The strategy hexagons with red text link to other model results chains adapted with anti-corruption content.

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Model Results Chain Graphic of Open Governance